“How is that even possible?”

“OMG… how did you do that!”

“Thank you for ruining my mind!!”

“Unbelieveable. I’ll be thinking about that for days!”


“What he just did was impossible!”


“How on earth did he do that?!?”


Entertaining with his combination of card skills and mentalism, Roy Noakes has perfected his brand of “clever” magic which is leaving his onlookers astonished. Delving in to your mind and using his sleight-of-hand and psychological skills, Roy can achieve seemingly impossible feats and will have you questioning what you saw and challenging your perceptions of just what is humanly possible. People are left talking about his effects and their first hand experiences of magic which make for a truly special and memorable experience.

Specialising in close-up magic and mind reading, Roy performs incredible magic right before your eyes which can add that special touch to any function, wedding or party. When planning an event, your priority is to keep your guests entertained and enjoying themselves.

Tailoring his routine to your requirements, Roy will baffle and delight your guests for hours making an unforgettable difference to your event. Roy will get your guests talking and keep them doing so long after your occasion ends by providing them with a unique, personalised and special experience making the event truly memorable.


“We were so thrilled to have Roy performing on our wedding day. He is extremely friendly and professional and his magic was truly outstanding. Our day wouldn’t have been the same without him, he helped make the day magical in every sense.”
“I thought that Roy couldn’t top his last performance but he did. Amazing. Astounding. One of those moments when your mouth drops open and you simply think ‘how on earth did he do that!’.”
“I cannot thank Roy Noakes enough for coming and performing at my birthday party last night. The set was great and my guests were astounded with his tricks and he even personalised a trick for my partner and I. He makes me believe in magic again, thanks Roy!”
“I have known Roy for a couple of years now and the more I see of him the more I realise what a genuinely talented magician he is. I hired him to entertain guests at my best mate’s wedding during the day in between formalities. He worked the room like the pro he is and quickly had them eating out of the palm of his hands. He showed his magic skills, enthusiasm and intuition to entertain to maximum effect. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Roy to family or friends with confidence.”


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